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At A Status Construction Safety is a major consideration in all aspects of the construction process. Maintaining highest level in safety expectations creates a place where our employees can be productive and feel confident.  A successful construction project is one that is safe, clean, well-managed, and has enough logistical space to work. It is for these reasons that A Status Construction emphasizes safety training in the field by requiring all working staff to obtain and maintain a minimum OSHA 30 certification.

Safety does not begin at the work site it must be part of working culture of the company. Management and planning for a safe job starts in the pre-construction and estimation phase by identifying all hazards associated with a project.

 At A Status Construction we understand:

  • Injuries are preventable;
  • Only perform a job if it is safe;
  • Working safely is a condition of employment;
  • If it’s not safe, stop the project;
  • Safety is the key to a successful job.

 A thorough hazard assessment and then a site logistical plan is completed for each project during bidding. This safety plan is used throughout the planning and construction phases for the wellbeing of our crews and the public. The primary job of all of our Superintendents, Assistant Project Managers, and Project Managers is to maintain a safe job site. This is done by daily review ensuring safety protection protocols are being followed including that safety barriers are in place, overhead hazards are properly identified, and proper attire and Personal Protection Gear is utilized at all times.

 Safety practices include ongoing education with the job site workforce. The training is reinforced weekly with jobsite safety meetings with all subcontractors and workers conducted in both English and Spanish.

 A Status Construction utilizes field training, safety videos, and safety manuals. A Status Construction Management also holds a weekly staff meeting where safety concerns are addressed.